Learn and become a legal design thinker

Participate in a fully professional, social, engaging and interactive online legal design school. Get the learning experience you deserve. 

Benefits of our training programs

Our instructors have many years of experience in legal design thinking and creating visual contracts.

Hands-on approach

Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach since legal design thinking is something you learn by doing. On top of that our Academy provides the materials and theoretical approaches to keep on developing.

Globally oriented

Legal design thinking is a multidisciplinary approach. We have a global reach to learn from all regions in how legal design thinking is applied. Although details might differ in different jurisdictions, a human centered approach is key in a true legal design thinking approach.

Enhance your strategic position.

When becoming trained as a legal design thinker you will enhance your strategic position in business. Either because you broaden your mindset towards a creative and design approach as a lawyer, or becoming legally empowered by a designer, developer or business developer in knowing how to create human centered legal content and make it easier to comply with the law.
Change the legal profession!

A human centered legal profession

Legal documents and content are often complex and designed by lawyers for lawyers. We change the legal profession by training people with different backgrounds into legal design thinkers who help create the change towards a human centered legal profession.

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Our students have
a few nice things to say about us

"A really solid intro! Thank you!."
Asia Ebrahim
"It has been a journey! the starting point was difficult, but now I understand that is part of the process of changing the way of thinking, from a formal way to a design one. Everything is more clear now."
Martha peña
"Yes, meets my expectations. Provides good and clear insight into the matter. In terms of presentation: subtitles are not always optimal and therefore sometimes distracting. Subtitles are also not necessary."
Arthur van den Hurk
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