Monthly Meetup

Every month we organise a meetup to discuss legal design topics and your related questions.

Upcoming Meet-ups

In our Monthly Meetups you can take a first step in exploring what Legal Design Thinking and creating visual contracts is all about. We discuss different topics based on questions that you ask or send up-front. Every meetup we will have a different focus that is announced via our social media channels.
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  • 10th of May 2022
  • 7th of June 2022
  • 5th of July 2022
  • More dates coming soon...

Legal Design Thinking: The Beginning

Our first Monthly-Meetup (online) of the year is finally here and we can’t wait to meet you (again)!

The title of the meet-up is “Legal Design Thinking: The Beginning”. We want to reintroduce the concept to our community members and re-ignite the discussions. Whether you are just starting your legal design journey or are already at an advanced stage, this meet-up will be beneficial. We will be discussing how #LegalDesignThinking has developed and showcasing its application in helping clear confusion that comes with Traditional Contracts.

Our goal is to create a community that learns from each other and grows together. We want to know what projects you’re working on; we want to know what ideas you have; we want to help answer any questions you may have because at the end of the day, we’re all connected by our interest in LDT.

Join us this 10th of May at 19:30 CEST and let’s ideate together as a community.

Everyone worldwide can join us, please register below.
E-see you soon!

The program is as follows:
19:30 Welcome by our VC Team
19:35 Connect & share with community members
19:40 What is Legal Design and how has its innovation developed?
19:50: Visual Contracts versus Traditional Contracts
20:10: An open discussion with community member Heleen Knaap

If you are not yet a member but are interested to meet likeminded people, don't hesitate to join this session and our LinkedIn group. This is an ideal session to connect!

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10 May 2022
19:30 CEST

Speakers of the community

Lieke Beelen

I started Visual Contracts to bring together my interests, curiosity, perseverance and skills in visual thinking, UX Design, Service Design, innovation, entrepreneurship and creating equal opportunties for all. Discovering how much more I like legal than I have ever thought before I entered this field as a designer,

I believe many more people can make the shift in perceiving law as a way to substantiate, instead of perceiving it as a "necessary evil" if we "just" design a different medium for it.

As the founder of Visual Contracts I'm curious about why other members sign up, what they would like to learn and how we could together further develop and apply the Legal Design Thinking approach.

Stephan Djamin

I joined VC in August, having worked in document automation and privacy. One of the recurring themes throughout my work was translating legalese to plain language, which is something that almost everyone appreciates. I view legal design and VC as a way to realign legal products with their intended purpose: to serve the people.

Zaakir Patel

Having graduated from an LLB in International and European Law and currently doing my LLM in Commercial and Company Law, I understand the complexity that comes with contract law. That is why Legal Design is so important for the future of contractual relationships because it allows more and more people to feel empowered and places everyone on an equal footing in their access to justice.
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Monthly Meetup December '20

We discussed the state of the global legal design market
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Monthly Meetup June '20

We discussed the LATAM co-creation project: designing a visual employment contract for security guards
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Monthly Meetup March '20

We discussed how to convince internal stakeholders to get started on Legal Design?
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Monthly Meetup February '20

We discussed the project for Airbus Defense and Space - together with our colleague Astrid Kohlmeier: designing a user friendly NDA for startups
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